March 8, 2021

  It’s no longer a secret: the reason the housing market is booming is because of Millennials buying homes en masse. They are doing it strategically because interest rates are friendly. Many of these purchases are being made by first-time homebuyers who maybe were originally thinking of buying their first home in a year or […]


8 Tips to Sell in the Dead of Winter

January 29, 2021

Winter can still be a good time to sell a house, but you may have to work a little harder to make the space appear cozy, warm, and inviting against the dreariness of the season. HomeLight, a real estate referral company, recently gathered some insights from top agents about how to sell a house quickly in […]


Who Pays the Real Estate Commissions?

August 3, 2020

In a typical listing agreement, instructions are defined in writing for how both Listing Agent and Buyer’s Agent receive their commission at the Close of Escrow. Industry Standard suggest the Listing Agent receives about 3.5% in a normal transaction while the Buyer’s Agent receives about 2.5%. Does that mean the seller or the buyer pays […]


The Biggest Challenges Of Selling An Inherited Property

July 13, 2020

In the world of real estate, you never know what is on the horizon. There are plenty of times when situation is thrown on your lap completely out of the blue with unfamiliar circumstances. Such can the case with inherited properties. Dealing with an inherited property  or a property in probate can be one of […]


How is Inherited Property Transferred to Beneficiaries?

June 25, 2020

As we have seen over the last few months life can change on a dime. One day we are thinking about March Madness and the next planning when we can leave our homes. If you have inherited a property over this time or making preparations, you may be dealing with an extra layer of stress […]


What to Look for in a Strong Cash Buyer

June 11, 2020

A seller’s goal should be to find the highest offer with the strongest probability of closing. While a near asking price offer may look great after initial review, it may be full of unnecessary contingencies and red flags that may put you in a bad position as the seller. What if you knew what to look for […]


Looking for a New Place? Use This Time to Create Your Wishlist

May 29, 2020

If your move is delayed, evaluate the features of your current home so you know just what you want in your next one. Now that many of us have spent several weeks living inside, we’ve become quite familiar with our homes — in some cases, maybe too familiar. If you were planning to move before […]


7 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors at Home

May 21, 2020

Even if you can’t go to the beach, bar or cafe, you can experience going out while staying (very) close to home. In this current moment when many of us are staying home, one of the best remedies to help alleviate some of the stress is to head outside and get some fresh air — […]


5 Ways to Make Your Home Office Work (Even if It’s Your Kitchen)

May 14, 2020

WFH is the new normal for many Americans. Here’s how to get your workspace functioning well — and looking great. With social distancing mandates in effect across much of the country, many people working in industries deemed “non-essential” are doing their work from home. And while the constant stream of COVID-19 news, in addition to […]


Home-Buying FAQ: Your Top Questions About Purchasing Property During the Coronavirus Pandemic

May 7, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown millions of people’s financial plans off the rails, and that certainly includes home buying. If you were hoping to purchase a property soon, you no doubt have a lot of questions—about whether it’s possible to buy or tour a house now, COVID-19’s impact on home prices, and more. We’re already […]